Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of
             the Australian Public Access Network Association Inc
            (ARBN 081 355 722 / VRN A0026600C / ABN 74 766 293 648)
                           ETSA Utilities Pty Ltd,
                  1 Anzac Highway, Keswick, South Australia
                          Saturday, 28 October 2000

(These minutes were taken by Jeremy Malcolm)

1. Welcome

    The meeting was declared open at 9:30am Australian Central 
    Standard Time (ACST). As the President was unable to be personally 
    present, the meeting was chaired by the Secretary, Dean Hollister.

2. Credentials Report


    21 members were in attendance.

    Dean Hollister          Secretary
    John Childs         Treasurer

    Doug Young          Brisbane

    Matthew Geier           ICR

    Jeremy Malcolm          Perth

    Dorian Barnett          SA
    Tully Barnett           SA
    Peter Brockbank         SA
    Martin Bull         SA
    Michael Carney          SA
    Dave Edwards            SA
    Steve Fraser            SA
    David Hales         SA
    Pat Hales           SA
    An Huynh            SA
    Maxine Komlos O'Leary       SA
    Adrian Matthew          SA
    Brad McMahon            SA
    Michael O'Leary         SA
    Philip Thornton         SA

    John August         Sydney


    7 Apologies were received.

    Garry Ford          President

    John Fisher         ICR

    Matthew Wierenga        Melbourne

    Paul Connolly           Perth

    Ron Collins         SA
    Pamela Francis          SA
    Mark Little         SA


    20 Proxies were received.

    Garry Ford          President

    Edwin Gibbons           ACT

    Helen Lucas         Brisbane

    Chris Baird         Hunter

    John Fisher         ICR

    Vic Andrich         Perth
    Donald Brook            Perth
    Philip Brown            Perth
    David Chisholm          Perth
    Michael Day         Perth
    Michael Machin          Perth
    Mark Ramsden            Perth
    Geoff Reader            Perth
    Ann Sedunary            Perth

    Simon Jones         SA
    Egon Rolan          SA
    Scott Smith         SA

    Adrian Lyons            Sydney

    Anne Moutrie            Wollongong
    Val Ochalski            Wollongong

3. Minutes of 1999 Annual General Meeting
   Minutes of 1999 Special General Meeting

    It was unanimously resolved to accept the minutes of the 1999 
    Annual General Meeting as a true record of the proceedings (moved 
    Martin Bull, seconded John Childs).

    It was unanimously resolved to accept the minutes of the 1999 
    Special General Meeting as a true record of the proceedings (moved 
    Matthew Geier, seconded Doug Young).

4. Business Arising from 1999 Annual General Meeting

    There was no business arising from the 1999 Annual General 

5. Correspondence to Annual General Meeting

    Inward  5.1 2000 Annual Report

        5.2 20 Proxies

    Outward 5.3 Notice of 2000 Annual General Meeting

    It was unanimously resolved to accept the correspondence (moved 
    by Steve Fraser, seconded by Dave Edwards).

6. Annual Report


    As tabled.


    The Secretary referred to the decline in membership that has
    characterised this year in most regions.  John August queried how 
    the percentage fall in membership had been calculated.  Maxine 
    Komlos O'Leary suggested APANA email all members to let them know 
    the membership is dropping, as she had not been aware of that 
    problem.  John August suggested a members bulletin and the 
    Secretary agreed.  Maxine queried how do we recruit new members, 
    and the Secretary replied that word of mouth was the main way, but 
    also by radio, TV, and newspaper.


    The Treasurer reported a net deficit of 20,000 sustained this 
    year.  In particular he noted that APANA is supporting one region 
    from its national reserve, which cannot go on indefinitely.  He 
    asked all regions to look carefully at their cash flows, as 
    regional accounts are not audited.

    There was a query from Brad McMahon as to whether the deficit 
    trend is continuing.  John replied that most other regions are 
    surviving from hand to mouth. Steve Fraser asked John for a 
    regional breakdown of the deficit.  John said that approximately 
    $2000 was Brisbane's, Perth another $2000, Hunter in surplus of 
    $1700, Adelaide in surplus of $2500, North Wollongong in surplus 
    of $4500, Melbourne in surplus of $12,000 and Sydney in deficit
    of $10,000.

    Regional Committees


    As tabled.


    Doug Young presented an oral report stating that the region had 
    been required to reduce its 128kbps link down to 64kbps, but would 
    consider connecting ADSL once it becomes available.  There had 
    been some problems within the region of being unable to connect 
    members to a Cyclades panel (16 ports were not talking to the 
    operating system), but the problem was later fixed.

    He commented that APANA's inability to offer v90 modem dialins is 
    an unavoidable shortcoming but that on the other hand our
    reliability/uptime record is very good.  Now that v90 is on the 
    way out and broadband is coming in, he stated that we must find a 
    way of getting into this.  John August said that he thought there 
    may be a shakeup of the Internet industry coming, which APANA 
    might or might not survive.


    As tabled.

    Independently Connected

    As tabled.


    As tabled.

    Northern Wollongong

    As tabled.

    Western Australia

    As tabled, and Jeremy Malcolm noted that Perth's deficit will be 
    reduced once the switchover to a new link takes effect next month.

    The meeting unanimously resolved to accept the Annual Report 
    (moved by Doug Young, seconded by David Hayles).

    South Australia

    As tabled.


    John August reported that the "people to problem ratio" within 
    the region had been improved.  The region is still planning to 
    close off some of its lines.  Some of the lines have problems, and 
    those are the ones which should be disconnected.  A billing 
    problem relating to news had been resolved.

7. Election of Office Bearers

    Dave Edwards took the chair and announced the following 
    candidates elected unopposed:

    President: Garry Ford
    Secretary: Dean Hollister
    Treasurer: John Childs

    The meeting unanimously resolved to accept the results of the 
    election (moved by David Hayles, seconded by Peter Brock).

    The Secretary noted that 21 proxies had been received, but there 
    had been no need to distribute them.

8. General Business

    Doug Young asked about the training PCs located in Queensland, 
    and how operating systems and applications for them are to be made 
    available.  John Childs said this is a matter to be discussed at 
    MC and RC level.

9. Meeting Close

    The meeting was declared closed at 10:13am Australian Central 
    Standard Time (ACST).

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