Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Australian Public Access Network Association Inc
(ARBN 081 355 722 / VRN A0026600C / ABN 74 766 293 648)

PERTH Western Australia. Alexander Library. Northbridge. Saturday 3rd September 2005.

Meeting Chaired by Dean Hollister. Minutes taken by Jeffrey Toll.
Meeting was reconvened on 3 Sept 2005 due to lack of members present.

1. Welcome.

        The Meeting was declared open at 1:05PM WST

2.Credentials Report.


            Dean Hollister                                President
            Vic Andrich                                   WA
            Jeffrey Toll                                     WA
            Adam Ward                                   WA
            AEIH(represented by V. Andrich)  WA
            Peter Dowson                                 WA
            Terence Chin                                  WA
            Reg                                                 ?

            Jeremy Malcolm                Secretary
            Carolyn Baird                    Treasurer
            Craig Dewick                    Sydney
            Pauline Sheppard               Brisbane

                2 proxies were received

3. Minutes of 2004 Annual General Meeting.
            It was unanimously resolved to accept the minutes of the 2004 Annual General Meeting
            as a true record of the proceedings (moved Reg seconded Jeff Toll).

4. Business Arising from 2004 Annual General Meeting.
            No business arising from the 2004 Annual General meeting.

5. Correspondence to Annual General Meeting.
             Inward  5.1     2005 Annual Report
                          5.2     11 proxies
                          5.3       3 apologies without proxy    
             Outward 5.4     Notice of 2005 Annual General Meeting.

         It was unanimously resolved to accept the correspondence
         (Moved Jeff Toll. Seconded Terence Chin).

6. Annual Report

                As tabled.

                As tabled.

                As tabled.

             Regional Committees

                As tabled.

                As tabled.

             South Australia
                As tabled.

                As tabled.

                As tabled.   
            No others received.

          The meeting unanimously resolved to accept the Annual Report.
          Moved by Dean Hollister Seconded Peter Dowson.

7. Election of Office Bearers.

        The Chairman announced the following candidates elected unopposed:

        President:     Dean Hollister
        Secretary:     Jeffrey Toll   
        Treasurer:    Carolyn Baird

        The Secretary noted that 2 proxies had been received, but there had been
        no need to distribute them.

8. General Business.

         No general business was raised.

9. Meeting Close.

        The meeting was declared closed at 1:11pm Western Standard Time (WST).