Australian Public Access Network Association Inc.
(ARBN 081 355 722 / VRN A0026600C / ABN 84 081 355 722)

Minutes of APANA Annual General Meeting 2006

Club Macquarie 458 Lake Road, Argenton  Newcastle NSW
Saturday 21 October 2006

Minutes taken by Jeffrey Toll, meeting was chaired by Dean Hollister

1. Welcome/Opening

    The meeting was declared open at 13:18 AEST

2. Credentials Report


            17 members present

            Dean Hollister                        President
            Carolyn Baird                        Treasurer
            Jeffrey Toll                             Secretary

            Pauline Sheppard                    Brisbane

            Matthew Geier                        ICR

            Helen Donaldson                    Hunter
            Nikki Slade                            Hunter
            Chris Baird                             Hunter
            Ross Slade                             Hunter
            Marc Walters                         Hunter
            Tania Abraham                       Hunter
            Pat O'Reilly                            Hunter
            Suzanne Kolb                         Hunter
            Laura Seabrook                      Hunter

            John Newnham                       Melbourne

            John August                            Sydney
            Craig Dewick                          Sydney


            Steve Fraser                            SA

        Proxies Received

            Steve Fraser                            SA
            Rob Heard                              Sydney
            AIEH(WA)                             Perth
            Vic Andrich                             Perth

3. Minutes of 2005 Annual General Meeting

        It was resolved that the minutes of the 2005 AGM were a true
        record of the proceedings. Laura Seabrook moved that the 2005
        AGM minutes be accepted. Seconded by Pauline Sheppard.

4. Business arising from 2005 Annual General Meeting

      There was no business arising from the 2005 Annual General Meeting.

5. Correspondence to Annual General Meeting

        Inward:  4 proxies received

        Outward: Notice of 2006 Annual General Meeting.

       It was resolved to accept the correspondence.
       Moved by Dean Hollister. Seconded Matthew Geier.

6. Annual Report


            As tabled


            As tabled


            As tabled

        Regional Reports


                None received


                As tabled


                As tabled


                ICR member,  Matthew Geier told the meeting there was
                nothing to report in the ICR.


                Verbal report by John Newnham:- Melbourne is almost an independently
                connected region having disbanded our hub at Ross house. Things in
                Melbourne region are going along quietly and steadily and fairly low


                As tabled

            South Australia

                As tabled


                As tabled

     The meeting unanimously resolved to accept the Annual Report.
     Moved by Jeff Toll. Seconded Ross Slade.

7. Election of Office Bearers

    The Chairman announced the following candidates elected unopposed:

        President:     Marc Walters
        Treasurer:    Carolyn Baird
        Secretary:    Jeffrey Toll

8. General Business

         No general business was raised.

9. Meeting closed at 13:30 AEST