Australian Public Access Network Association Inc

ARBN 081 355 722 / VRN A0026600C / ABN 84 081 355 722)


Minutes of Annual General Meeting 2010


21 Reservoir Road, Glendale 2285 NSW

Saturday 16 October 2010


Meeting chaired by Marc Walters

Minutes taken by Jeff Toll


1. Welcome.


  Meeting was opened at 13:18 AEDST



2. Credentials Report.




  10 Members present


  Matthew Geier                ICR

  Helen Donaldson              Hunter

  Jeff Toll (Secretary)        Perth

  Steve Fraser                 SA

  Bonnie Fraser                SA

  John Childs                  SA

  Tony Bazeley                 SA

  Marc Walters (President)     Hunter

  Carolyn Baird (Treasurer)    Hunter

  Chris Baird                  Hunter




  3 apologies received


  Dean Hollister               Perth

  Pauline Sheppard             Brisbane

  Craig Dewick (Sunshack)      Sydney




  Patricia Hulbert             Hunter

  Simon Roberts                SA


 It was unanimously resolved to accept the

 Credentials Report by show of hands.



3. Minutes of 2009 Annual General Meeting.


  It was resolved that the Minutes of the 2009 AGM

  were a true record of the proceedings. John Childs

  moved that the 2009 AGM Minutes be accepted.

  Seconded by Tony Bazeley.




4. Business arising from 2009 Annual General Meeting.


  There was no business arising from the 2009 Annual General Meeting.



5. Correspondence to Annual General Meeting.


               o Inward: 5.1 - 2010 Report

                         5.2 - 2 proxies

                         5.3 - 3 apologies


               o Outward: Notice of 2010 Annual General Meeting, proxy and

                   officer nomination forms.


  It was resolved that Correspondence to 2010 Annual

  General Meeting was a true record of the proceedings.

  Steve Fraser moved Correspondence be accepted.

  Seconded by Carolyn Baird.



6. Annual Report.


               o President


                   As tabled


               o Secretary


                   As tabled


               o Treasurer


                   As tabled


               Regional Reports


               o ACT - As tabled

               o Brisbane - As tabled

               o Hunter - As tabled

               o ICR - Verbal report by ICR member Matthew Geier has

                   reported all is quiet in ICR.

               o Melbourne - No report submitted

               o Perth - As tabled

               o South Australia - As tabled

               o Sydney - No report submitted


  Steve Fraser mentioned a VPN link has been established between

  Perth and SA with the aim of reducing Perth's connection expenses.


  It was resolved that the 2010 Annual Report and Financial Reports

  were a true record of the proceedings.

  Jeff Toll moved 2010 Annual Report and Financial Reports be accepted.

  Seconded by Steve Fraser.




7. Election of Office Bearers


  [Meeting chair was transferred to Matthew Geier for this item]


   The Chairman announced the following candidates elected unopposed:


       President: Marc Walters

       Treasurer: Carolyn Baird

       Secretary: Jeff Toll




8. General Business.


 o APANA dialups: Future of, and arrangements with ECN


    General discussion of dial up access:


    With 5 ECN dial up ports @ $35/month, APANA is over

    capitalized for this service. Steve Fraser pointed out SA has

    the largest number of ECN dial up users and thus will have

    a follow on effect to other regions if SA decides to make

    any changes to this service.



    3 motions were moved:


    1. APANA will not accept new ECN(56k) dial up members from

       16 October 2010 (seconded by Carolyn Baird)

    2. Existing ECN(56k) dial up members to be offered only one more

       renewal for that class of membership.(seconded by Steve Fraser)

    3. The ECN(56k) dial up service be completely discontinued by

       December 31 2012.(seconded by John Childs)




 o Reduction in quorum number for AGM's to reflect APANA's lower



    Discussion: Difficulties in obtaining member numbers at AGM's and

    conducting business at AGM's. With the small number of members we

    cannot get quorum and cannot fully represent the membership. AGM's

    in smaller regions are difficult to organise.


    The following motions were moved by the chair:


    The Management Committee is to investigate the following items:


    1. If there is a minimum number of members to make quorum required

        by the Incorporations Act (Vic) at AGM's (Other than  APANA rules)

    2. Intention to reduce member numbers required to make a quorum at

       AGM's (rule 31.3)

    3. Adjustment of petition numbers for Special General Meetings

       and related rules. (rule 29.2)





 o Future direction of APANA - Ideas and reinvention of APANA


    Discussion of hosting members, NBN provider requirements,

    APANA class C IP addresses.


   Meeting adjourned at 14:33 for afternoon tea

   Meeting resumed at 15:33.



9. Meeting closed 15:52 AEDST