The Annual General Meeting for 1994 was held at 2:00pm on Saturday, 22 October 1994 in Burwood, New South Wales.

The meeting was chaired by the outgoing President, Andrew Herbert, and these minutes were taken by the outgoing Secretary, Nick Langmaid.

Members attending:

From Adelaide:

Mike Bruins
Adrian Corston
Leigh Hart
Mark Newton
Greg Robinson

From Brisbane:

Reagan Blundell
Phil Homewood
Brendan McLearie

From Canberra:

Tony Galliford

From Melbourne:

Stephen Bruce
Paul Fyfe
James Gardiner
Andrew Herbert
David Keegel
Nick Langmaid

From Sydney:

Shane Alderton
Scot Art
Paul Black
Ivan Brawley
Nancy Chan
Stewart Dougan
Matthew Geier
Matthew Jackson
Jim Lynch
Geoffrey Newman
James Morris
Tim Noonan
Anthony Rumble
Craig Southeren
Roland Turner


Virgil Desire Brisbane
Christopher Mahoney Sydney

Proxy Votes

Aaron Howell, Adam Frey, Adrian Miles, Allan Gunn,
Andrew Dunstan, Andrew Humphrey, Andrew McNamara,
Andrew O'Rorke, Andrew Smith (WA), AnnMarie Scott,
Arthur Marsh, Bob Chambers, Bohdan Ferens, Cameron Sands,
Craig Gibson, Craig Patten, Craig Sanders, Daryl Collins,
Dave Freeman, David Lloyd, David Peters, David Siroky,
David Wallace, David Watt, Dieter Jansen, Ed Beaumont,
Gabor Rozman, Gail Linden, Gavan McCormack,
Gavin Anderson, Geoff O'Callaghan, Geoffrey Breach,
George Seremeditis, George Stone, Giles Lean,
Greg Patten, Harry Yasugi, Herbert Xu, Ian Heggie,
Ivan Cribb, Jack Strangio, James Willie, Jane Langley,
John Andrewartha, John Keogh, John Lindsay, John Visser,
Karl Goiser, Kathryn Andersen, Kristian Kennaway,
Lachlan MacColl, Laurent Meister, Leonid Reznick,
Luke Howard, Manfred Hanley, Mark Atyeo, Mark Delany,
Mark Hobba, Mark Purcell, Mark Simpson, Martin Elliget,
Michael Aitken, Michael Chin, Michael Edwards,
Michael Smith, Michael Talbot-Wilson, Mike Battersby,
Mirko Fluher, Nicole Vincent, Nigel Chan, Norbert Feist,
Paul Jackson, Paul McConnell, Peter Matthews,
Phillip White, Reg Braddock, Richard Kempe,
Richard Lindner, Rob Mayfield, Robert Nagy,
Rommel Pascual, Ronald Campbell, Rosie Hippel,
Sean McNamara, Sean O Seaghdha, Stephen Loosly,
Steven Fraser, Terry Smith, Thai Loi, Warwick Hockley


  1. The minutes of the last AGM were confirmed.

    David Keegel suggested that the rejection of a formal regional structure in item 9 was not actually unanimous, but there is no doubt that the proposal was rejected.

  2. Reports were presented by:

    Andrew Herbert - President
    Nick Langmaid - Secretary
    Mark Newton - Adelaide region
    Phil Homewood - Brisbane region
    Tony Galliford - Canberra region
    Andrew Herbert - Melbourne region
    Shane Alderton - Sydney region
    Nick Langmaid - representing the treasurer

    A mistake was found in the report presented on behalf of the treasurer. Although this report accurately reflects the current financial position of APANA, it only shows transactions for July and August 1994. The treasurer will be asked to provide the report for the twelve months to 30 June 1994, and a replacement "annual report" will be distributed to all members.

    [Secretary's note: The mistake was made by me when compiling the annual report. Felicity did post the correct report to apana.announce several months ago.]

  3. The new Management Committee was elected.

    Shane Alderton
    Mark Newton
    Gail Lidden
    Geoffrey Newman
    Ordinary Members
    Leigh Hart
    Mark Purcell

  4. The Treasurer's Report presented was accepted as an accurate statement of APANA's current financial position. Approval was granted to replace it with the correct twelve-month report described in (2) above and allow that to be submitted by APANA in accordance with section 30(3) of the Act.

  5. After Mark Newton explained the history of the Adelaide region, the meeting determined that Mike Bruins' exceptional role in the development of the region should be recognized by making him an Honorary Member of APANA.

  6. It was agreed that the next Annual General Meeting will be held in Adelaide during 1995, with the exact date to be determined by the management committee.

  7. Paul Fyfe moved a vote of thanks to the outgoing management committee and this was approved by the meeting.

The Annual General Meeting ended at approximately 3.30pm to be followed by refreshments and the Special General Meeting.

Please address any questions or corrections of these minutes to the Management Committee.

Nick Langmaid
Outgoing Secretary.

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