APANA's Annual General Meeting for 1995 was held at 1:20pm on Saturday the 7th of October at the Disability Information and Resource Centre, 195 Gilles Street, Adelaide.

The Meeting was chaired by the President of APANA, Shane Alderton, and these minutes were taken by the outgoing Secretary, Geoffrey Newman.

Members Present:

From the ACT:

Tony Galliford
Paul McConnell
Gavan Murphy
Mark Purcell

From Brisbane:

Reagan Blundell
Brent Paddon (Management Committee Member)

From Melbourne:
Paul Fyfe
T. K. Kang
David Keegel
Gavan McCormack
Edwin Parsons
James Ray
Terry Wood

From the NT:

Gail Lidden (Treasurer)
Robert Nagy

From South Australia:

Dorian Barnett
Matthew Brady
Ivan Brawley
Peter Brockbank
Mike Bruins
Daryl Collins
Adrian Corston
James Fisk
Steve Fraser
Leigh Hart (Management Committee Member)
John Heij
Dieter Jansen
Mariusz Kaminski
John Lindsay
Mark Lorenz
Jamie Lovick
Peter Matthews
Brad McMahon
Mark Newton (Management Committee Member)
James Pickering
Simon Roberts
Greg Robinson
Chris Saunderson
Terry Smith
Mike Talbot-Wilson
Matthew Thom
Philip Thornton
Dave Wallace
Berndt Wulf

From Sydney:

Shane Alderton (President)
Matthew Geier
Geoffrey Newman (Secretary)
Tim Noonan


Lino Fusco
Tully Norman
Phil Stubbs


Adam Frey
Nick Langmaid

Proxy Votes:

Torquil Gault, John Holman, Richard Jenkins, Andrew Humphrey,
Gursel Tuna, Dave Keller, Greg Patten, Adam Frey, Sean McNamara,
James Fisk, Matthew Jackson, Bob Chambers, Robert Jukic,
Doug Woodgate, Manfred Hanley, Robin Buckley, Ivan Cribb,
Adrian Lyons, James Morris


  1. The minutes of the Annual General Meeting and the Special General Meeting held in Sydney on the 22nd of October, 1994, were approved by the meeting.

  2. The Treasurer, Gail Lidden, presented a report on the transactions of APANA during the preceding financial year.

    Among the points made were:

  3. Election of Officers

    Shane Alderton, being the only nominee for the position of President of APANA, was elected under rule 38(3).

    Adam Frey, being the only nominee for the position of Secretary of APANA, was elected under rule 38(3).

    Gail Lidden, being the only nominee for the position of Treasurer of APANA, was elected under rule 38(3).

    Shane Alderton moved a motion of thanks, approved by the meeting, to Geoffrey Newman for his work as Secretary over the previous year.

  4. The meeting approved the annual report submitted by APANA in accordance with section 30(3) of the Associations Incorporation Act 1981 (Vic).

  5. The meeting considered whether Andrew Herbert's role in the establishment and development of APANA should be recognised by granting him honorary ordinary membership.

    David Keegel spoke briefly on Andrew Herbert's behalf.

    The resolution was passed.

In accordance with the rules, no other business was transacted at the meeting.

The meeting concluded at approximately 2:10pm

Please address any questions or corrections of these minutes to the Management Committee.

Geoffrey Newman

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