APANA's Annual General Meeting for 1996, having been stood adjourned at 1:30pm on the 24th August 1996, was held at 1:00pm on Saturday the 31st of August at the Queensland University of Technology 2 George St, Brisbane.

The Meeting was chaired by Phil Homewood, and these minutes were taken by Phil Homewood.

Phil Homewood
Brent Paddon
Richard Kuschert

Proxy Votes:
James Morris, Todd Wright, Catherine Marshall, David Baker,
Andrew Humphrey, Mike Day, Darren Perera, Torquil Gault,
John Panter, Matthew Jackson, Martin Ozolins, Scott Kroeger,
Gordon Stewart, Maureen Cooper, Marc Larkin,
Scot Art, Greg Patten, Mirko Fluher, Susie Kaufman, Paul McConnell,
Nigel Chan, Ellecer Valencia, Jerven Zhang, Adrian Lyons,
Alexander Satrapa, Alan Carter, Simon Poisson, Tim Phillips,
Neil Simmonds, Benjamin Cook, Zillah Williams, Ash Nallawalla,
Cathy Le, Glen Jayaputera, Jozef Szot, Chris Rogers, Marcus Coleman,
Johannes van Dinteren, John Childs, Bela Hatossy, Robert Patch,
Stephen Yen, Mitchell Tanner, McNamara Sean, Mark Purcell,
James Willie, Robert Pulsford, Edwin Parsons, Vlad Lasky,
Eric Yeo, George Hansper, Garry Ford, Matthew Spencer, Stephen Bruce,
Sebastian Filzek, Adam Frey, Nick Langmaid, Scott Neville,
Benno Rentinck, Gail Lidden, Peter Childs, Shane Alderton, Matthew Geier


  1. The minutes of the Annual General Meeting held in Adelaide on the 7th of October, 1995, were unanimously approved by the meeting.

    Moved: Phil Homewood
    Seconded: Brent Paddon

  2. The report on the transactions of APANA during the previous financial year was approved unanimously by the meeting.

    Moved: Brent Paddon
    Seconded: Richard Kuschert

  3. Election of Officers

    Adam Frey, being the only nominee for the position of President of APANA, was elected under rule 38(3).

    Scott Neville, was elected by ballot to the position of Secretary of APANA.

    John Childs, was elected by ballot to the position of Treasurer of APANA.

  4. The annual report submitted by APANA in accordance with section 30(3) of the Associations Incorporation Act 1981 (Vic) was approved unanimously by the meeting.

    Moved: Brent Paddon
    Seconded: Phil Homewood

  5. The Connection Services Terms & Conditions were approved as an appendix to the Application Form by the meeting.

  6. The "Acceptable Use Policy" was approved to replace the existing document by the meeting.

In accordance with the rules, no other business was transacted at the meeting.

The meeting concluded at approximately 1:15pm

Please address any questions regarding or corrections to these minutes to the Management Committee.

Phil Homewood
Deputy Coordinator, APANA Brisbane Regional Committee

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