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                Minutes of 2003 Special General Meeting

                      Held at 4/12 Axford Street,
	               Como, Western Australia

                         23 and 30 March 2003

(Minutes were taken by Jeremy Malcolm, meeting was chaired by Dean Hollister) 

1. Meeting opening by Chairman, adoption of Agenda:

        The meeting was declared opened at 12:30pm AWST on 23 March 2003
	by the Chairman.  In the absence of a quorum after 30 minutes
	had elapsed, the meeting was adjourned.

	The meeting was reconvened at 12:10pm AWST on 30 March 2003.

2. Attendances:

        12 Members present on 23 March 2003:

	Dean Hollister
	Jeremy Malcolm
	Peter Dowson
	Gavin Morrow
	Terence Chin
	Russell Clarke
	Mark Rattigan
	Bob Hunter
	Russell Pitman
	Vic Andrich
	John Breen
	Australian Institute of Environmental Health

	7 Members present on 30 March 2003:

	Dean Hollister
	Jeremy Malcolm
	David Taylor
	Vic Andrich
	Terence Chin
	Peter Dowson
	Australian Institute of Environmental Health

3. Apologies:

        17 apologies/proxies received:

		Proxies for Jeremy Malcolm:

		Robin Hutton
		Donald Brook
		Russ Pitman
		Bruce Willson 
		Dennis Kurth
		Malcolm Miles
		Dougal Holmes
		Steven Fraser
		John August
		Roland Turner
		David Chisholm
		Marny Howe
		Christina Reilly
		Ann Sedunary
		Sharon Jenkins

		Proxies for Dean Hollister:

		Garry Ford
		Pauline Sheppard

 4. Correspondence:

        4.1 Inwards:

                18 proxies (one extra proxy from David Taylor not listed
		above, not accepted because members is present in person)

        4.2 Outwards

		Notice of Meeting
                Notice of Postponement of Meeting

5. Special Business:

        5.1 Address by President - reasons for the changes.

		The President made some general remarks about how the
		Association had only scraped 20 members with a very slim
		margin at the last few Annual General Meetings and that
		it is no longer possible to rely on an individual region
		to supply the majority of that number to attend in person.
		The model rules for Victoria only require five members
		to be present in person so the present proposal is a

        5.2 Voting on Motions:

                That rule 31.3 be amended to read as follows:

		"31.3 - Ten Members, or twenty percent of the Membership,
		whichever is less, personally present and being Members
		entitled under these rules to vote, constitute a quorum
		for the transaction of the business of a general Meeting."

		An amendment motion was put by the Chairman exercising
		Garry Ford's proxy to substitute "thirteen" for "ten".  The
		amendment motion was seconded by Terence Chin.

                The amended motion was put by the Chairman.

                Against:          6
                Abstain:          0
                In Favour:        2     Motion Defeated.

                The original motion was put by the Chairman.

                Against:          1
                Abstain:          0
                In Favour:       23     Motion Carried.

6.      Meeting close.

        The meeting was closed by the Chairman at 12:30pm AWST.

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