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                Minutes of 2004 Special General Meeting

                 Held at Ross House, 247 Flinders Lane
	                 Melbourne, Victoria

                            28 August 2004

(Minutes were taken by Jeremy Malcolm, meeting was chaired by Dean Hollister) 

1. Meeting opening by Chairman, adoption of Agenda:

        The meeting was declared opened at 13:37pm AEST.

2. Attendances:

        11 Members present:

	Dean Hollister
	Jeremy Malcolm
	Jamie Lenehan
	Sid Moir
	John Newnham
	Matthew Geier
	Adrian Close
	Dean Hollister
	Brian May
	Ian Ridley
	Marc Walters
	Mirko Fluher

3. Apologies:

        17 apologies/proxies received:

		Proxies for Jeremy Malcolm:

		Terence Chin
		Christine Lai
		Canefields Clubhouse
		John Childs

 4. Correspondence:

        4.1 Inwards:

                4 proxies

        4.2 Outwards

		Notice of Meeting
		Notification of change to Rules
		Annual Report

5. Minutes of the Previous Meeting

	The Minutes of the 2003 Special General Meeting were approved.
	Moved by John Newnham, seconded by Dean Hollister.

6. Special Business:

        6.1 Voting on Motions:

                That the Statement of Purpose be amended as follows:

		"The Australian Public Access Network Association
		Incorporated, hereinafter referred to as APANA, has been 
		formed in the interests of achieving the following 

	 	* The provision, coordination and maintenance of network
		  facilities, for the purpose of maintaining connections to 
		  such other computer-based networks as the committee of 
		  APANA deems appropriate, including but not being limited 
		  to the undertaking of any and all liaison and negotiation
		  necessary between APANA and the coordinators of other 
		  networks, required to establish and maintain reliable 
		  electronic connection with those networks.

	 	* To work with other community groups to make the benefits
		  of modern communication and collaboration technologies
		  more accessible to them and their members.

	 	* The provision of technical assistance, and the exchange
		  of technical information, for and between members of
		  APANA and other community groups, particularly with
		  respect to computer-based networks and the configuration
		  and operation of both hardware and software associated

	 	* The provision, coordination and maintenance of network 
		  facilities, for the specific purposes of transferring 
		  data, general mail, news and legally distributable 
		  software between members of APANA."

		An amendment motion was put by John Newnham to substitute
		"exists" for "has been formed".  The amendment motion
		was seconded by Adrian Close.

                The amended motion was put by the Chairman.

                Against:          0
                Abstain:          0
                In Favour:        15     Motion Carried.

7.      Meeting close.

        The meeting was closed by the Chairman at 13:56 AEST.

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