Australian Public Access Network Association

Special General Meeting

Prior to this meeting, changes to the rules of APANA could only
be made at a general meeting called expressly for that purpose.
The outgoing Management Committee had determined that a special
general meeting would be held on Saturday, 22 October 1994 at the
Woodstock Centre, Burwood, New South Wales, immediately following
the Annual General Meeting.

The Special General Meeting commenced at approximately 4:30pm.

The meeting was chaired by the President, Shane Alderton and
these minutes were taken by the Secretary, Geoffrey Newman.

Members attending:

 From Adelaide:

   Mike Bruins	    
   Adrian Corston   
   Leigh Hart	    
   Mark Newton	    
   Greg Robinson    

 From Brisbane:

   Reagan Blundell  
   Phil Homewood    
   Brendan McLearie 

 From Canberra:

   Tony Galliford   

 From Melbourne:

   Stephen Bruce    
   Paul Fyfe	    
   James Gardiner   
   Andrew Herbert   
   David Keegel     
   Nick Langmaid    

 From Sydney:

   Shane Alderton   
   Scot Art	    
   Paul Black	    
   Ivan Brawley     
   Nancy Chan	    
   Michael Dagn     
   Stewart Dougan   
   Matthew Geier    
   Matthew Jackson  
   Jim Lynch	    
   Geoffrey Newman  
   James Morris     
   Tim Noonan	    
   Anthony Rumble   
   Roland Turner    


  Virgil Desire        Brisbane
  Christopher Mahoney  Sydney

Proxy Votes

Aaron Howell, Adam Frey, Adrian Miles, Allan Gunn,
Andrew Dunstan, Andrew Humphrey, Andrew McNamara,
Andrew O'Rorke, Andrew Smith (WA), AnnMarie Scott,
Arthur Marsh, Bob Chambers, Bohdan Ferens, Cameron Sands,
Craig Gibson, Craig Patten, Craig Sanders, Daryl Collins,
Dave Freeman, David Lloyd, David Peters, David Siroky,
David Wallace, David Watt, Dieter Jansen, Ed Beaumont,
Gabor Rozman, Gail Linden, Gavan McCormack,
Gavin Anderson, Geoff O'Callaghan, Geoffrey Breach,
George Seremeditis, George Stone, Giles Lean,
Greg Patten, Harry Yasugi, Herbert Xu, Ian Heggie,
Ivan Cribb, Jack Strangio, James Willie, Jane Langley,
John Andrewartha, John Keogh, John Lindsay, John Visser,
Karl Goiser, Kathryn Andersen, Kristian Kennaway,
Lachlan MacColl, Laurent Meister, Leonid Reznick,
Luke Howard, Manfred Hanley, Mark Atyeo, Mark Delany,
Mark Hobba, Mark Purcell, Mark Simpson, Martin Elliget,
Michael Aitken, Michael Chin, Michael Edwards,
Michael Smith, Michael Talbot-Wilson, Mike Battersby,
Mirko Fluher, Nicole Vincent, Nigel Chan, Norbert Feist,
Paul Jackson, Paul McConnell, Peter Matthews,
Phillip White, Reg Braddock, Richard Kempe,
Richard Lindner, Rob Mayfield, Robert Nagy,
Rommel Pascual, Ronald Campbell, Rosie Hippel,
Sean McNamara, Sean O Seaghdha, Stephen Loosly,
Steven Fraser, Terry Smith, Thai Loi, Warwick Hockley


*  The business of the special general meeting was to consider
   four proposed changes to the rules:

NB. The proposals are listed in the order with which they were

1. Permit the management committee to decline an
   application for membership [drafted by Richard Lindner]

   Mark Newton reminded the meeting that the Management Committee
   routinely declined applications for membership of APANA and
   that the proposed rule change would merely formalise this.
   Nick Langmaid informed the meeting that most of these cases
   involved parties who explicitly did not satisfy the conditions
   for membership of APANA, such as organisations.

   The proposal was passed.

2. Permit rules to be changed by electronic referendum [drafted
   Nick Langmaid]

   Discussion took place on the manner in which votes might be
   collected from members in order to ensure voting integrity in
   such referenda. Finally it was agreed that the method to be
   used would be determined by the Management Committee.

   The proposal was passed.

3. Transfer of site name [drafted by Paul Fyfe]

   There was consensus from those attending that the proposed
   rule change was superfluous as there were seen to be no
   regulatory obstacles to the transferral of a site name from
   one full member to another.

   Paul Fyfe moved that the proposal be withdrawn but it was
   recognised that the large number of proxy votes necessitated a

   The proposal was defeated.

4. Formal recognition of regional groups [drafted by Nick
   Langmaid, with assistance from Shane Alderton, David Keegel,
   Richard Lindner, Mark Newton and Mark Purcell]

   Clarification was sought on a number of aspects of the
   proposed rule changes:

     + The proportion of the vote allocated to each region
       represented on the management committee, as
       defined in section 41(6), will be divided equally
       between the members of the committee from that

     + Only a region's members shall be entitled to vote at
       its annual and special meetings [section 19(2)]

     + No APANA member may be a member of more than one
       region at a time. [section 11(3c)]

   At this point, it was asked in which state APANA is
   incorporated. APANA is registered under the Victorian
   Associations Incorporation Act [1981].

   The proposal was passed.

The meeting ended at approximately 6pm.

Please address any questions or corrections of these
minutes to

[Copies of the rule changes are available via anonymous ftp from]

Geoffrey Newman