Australian Public Access Network Association Inc.

Annual Report to APANA Members - 1993

From the Prez ...

APANA has developed amazingly over the past twelve months. We have:

Let's keep up the growth and good works in the next twelve!

Finally, something to think about... One important challenge for all of us over the next year is to work together in forming closer ties and fostering better understanding between our different regions, in order to maintain the long-term cohesion of APANA as an organisation. This AGM is particularly significant in terms of working together - with members from Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne all meeting in the same place for the first time. Let's make the most of it!

Andrew Herbert.

Secretary's Report

The Year in Review

APANA began the 1992-1993 year as a group of twenty individuals who had joined forces to create a small private network and pay the AARNet mail affiliate fee to gain mail and news access to the Internet through the hub at Melbourne University. Since then, some exciting things have happened:

Administration of APANA

The rules of APANA specify that the organization is to be managed by an elected committee with six members. At 30 June 1993, the management committee were:

During the year it became clear that the management committee would need assistance in representing the diverse interests of an organization with members distributed from Adelaide to Cairns.

To solve this problem, a second committee was created with one representative from each region and one representative from the management committee. The role of this "National Committee" is to consider the issues facing APANA and to recommend a course of action to the management committee. At 30 June 1993, the national committee were:

Membership of APANA

During the first year of APANA's formal existence, several changes have occurred in the membership. The first and most obvious is that the number of members has increased rapidly. This is illustrated in Table 1, which shows the total number of members at the end of each month in the year.

Extrapolating, we should pass our first million members in May 1997 and by 2002 every person in Australia should be an APANA member. This might not be quite true, but we are certainly going to have to address quite a number of issues, both administrative and technical, within the next year if the membership continues to rise at anything like this rate.

Membership Growth 1992-93
Month Ending Members
June 20
July 22
August 22
September 27
October 32
November 35
December 47
January 54
February 57
March 62
April 72
May 78
June 97

The second and more subtle change is a trend towards a more even geographic distribution of the membership. This is illustrated in Table 2, which shows the proportion of members in each region at the end of June 1993. To simplify the Table, Geelong members are included with Melbourne, and Canberra members are included with Sydney.) The clear conclusion is that APANA needs effective methods for representing the interests of all its members, wherever they live.

Membership by Region
Region Members
Adelaide 24
Newcastle 6
Other 2

It should be an interesting year ahead!

Nick Langmaid.

Treasurer's Report

Australian Public Access Network Association Inc.

Profit & Loss Statement

Financial Year Ended 30th June, 1993


Membership Fees 5055.00
Joining Fees 1650.00
Bank Interest 23.31



Bank Charges 13.75
Legal Fees 91.00
Postage 80.00
Telephone 475.65
State & Federal Taxes 5.33
Vic MX Record 1500.00
Vic SLIP Connection Startup 1000.00
Sydney MX Record 500.00
Stationery 37.05


NET PROFIT/(LOSS) $ 3025.53

Net Profit/(Loss) for taxation purposes ($ 3679.47)

Note that membership fees are not considered to be taxable income and hence APANA operates at a loss for taxation purposes.

Australian Public Access Network Association Inc.

Bank Reconciliation as at 30th June, 1993

Opening Bank Account Balance as at 1/7/92 $ 964.43 CR

Less payments to 30/6/93 3702.78
Plus receipts to 30/6/93 6728.31

Closing Bank account Balance as at 30/6/93 $3989.96 CR

Opening Cashbook Balance 1/7/92 $ 964.43 DR

Less payments to 30/6/93 3702.78
Plus receipts to 30/6/93 6728.31

Closing Cashbook Balance 30/6/93 $3989.96 DR

Felicity Jones.

Nick Langmaid Melbourne, Australia +61(3)336-3228