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Could someone tell me why this all happened?

It goes without saying that everyone who has put time and effort into APANA deserves a round at the bar from each of us. I would however like to take a moment (lights dim, microphone appears, piano starts up...) to make mention of the work done by Shane Alderton and Gail Lidden, the President and Treasurer during my involvement with APANA management. APANA simply would not be where it is today without the work these two have done. Both have guided APANA's development over two years, an extremely long time for volunteer commitment, and have done so in an extremely professional manner. Shane has ensured that APANA has overcome the many hurdles a growing association is bound to face, and Gail has provided us with a level of professional financial service we simply could not afford in the marketplace but which, at the same time, was absolutely vital for our successful growth. We owe a great deal of the stability of APANA and its finances to these two. To sum up, I love youse guys.

Adam Frey
Mon Sep 2 02:55:52 EST 1996